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Francois Miglio’s Chernobyl

Here in the Bay Area for the past week or so I’ve had time to catch up with old friends and some folks I’ve know since I was excessively young. One of them happens to be an old friend of my dad’s who lives in France but spends a great deal of time over here in the lovely USA. His name is Francois and he is an artist I feel I now have an obligation to share with all of you.

Image“Fractal Cycles”

The painting above is Monsieur Miglio’s abstract representation of the sentiments depicted in our song “Chernobyl,” and in fact even features an overheating nuclear power plant in the upper left corner. This painting is especially dear to me now as Francois not only gave me a beautiful print of this (You can find it in my room up North if ya know me!), but he also gave New Slang permission to use the art. Fuck yes. But what is really so special about this painting, and the rest of Francois’s art? (Find it here: It is planned and executed using solely fractal mathematics. Not only that, Francois layers every color he uses in each painting on top of one another and then proceeds to carve away the top layers to create his art. Fucking sick. That’s like writing a song with 20 verses and carving out the ones you don’t need… Anyway, check his stuff out and don’t be afraid to get in touch with him if you’ve got any questions. One of the nicest folks I know.

Happy Sunday!



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