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What up punkin

As we wait here in Olympia for Travis to return to the Great Grey North, we reminisce over the still recent Grand Adventure of the West Road. Remember those long summer drives with Chester, the Unflappable Chocolate Phoenix making his own road through the treachery of this unforgiving land? Those good ol’ times on the highway side? How bout ol’ Chip? Good ol’ Chippy? C’mon Chiip. How about the raging stadium blaster in Seattle at The Slab? Remember? WELL TATE PETERSEN DOES! Thanks to Tate we’ve got this groovy lil’ recording of our last song, Kicking Bird. I know, I know, it’s a bit difficult to hear the music over the crowd but if you sit back, close your eyes, and open up your soul you can be right there with us, middle fingers raised high in a magnificent ‘FUCK YOU’ to the Man. Enjoy

Bee Tee Dubs: Thanks for the punkin Mom!





About newslangband

an Olympia-born psychedelic rock pop group known as New Slang

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