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LZRS + the Return

Well, it’s been 6 days now since I got laser eye surgery and life is different. It’s not like I didn’t understand depth before, since I had to move through empty space just like everyone else, but stuff is just DEEP. There’s really no way I can explain it, but try to imagine going into a Clockwork Orange type procedure with your eyes taped down, a flashing orange light, and the smell of your own eyeballs burning away… and coming out with perfect vision. Weird.

Anyway, I’ve spent most the last week recovering and trying not to stare at anything (or anybody) for too long. It’s given me  a little time to sort through some digital affairs and get them in order. For instance, my iTunes library is not really any more organized, but it is bigger! A RIDICULOUS number of bands released new albums these last couple of weeks. So go check em, here’s what I’m into that I’ve heard of:

Animal Collective – Centipede Hz

The Helio Sequence – Negotiations (FINALLY, after 4 years…)

Dan Deacon – America

Grizzly Bear – Shields

Menomena – Moms

And that’s just the 5 I limited myself to writing down… By the big boys out there too. There’s also a bunch of new music I’ve found lately that just tickles my insides in the most pleasant manner. I’ll post a video at the end of this I suppose, keep things nice and classy. Anyway, I’ll be headed back up into the Great Northland tomorrow and despite the beautiful golden California sun I’m still looking forward to it. Why? Well, for one it is the land of free-pool-Sundays and snooker addictions baby. And if you’re near Olympia and like to get your cue on, come find me. I’ve got a new game I invented for my fellow pool/billiards enthusiasts that I am going to share with you all. It is known as Breakball; remember where it came from so you can ask any questions you might have! Don’t hesitate.

Andddd here’s that tune for ya. Search for this artist under the name Carella Ross and you’ll find all of the stuff under all of his pseudonyms. Turbovulva might be favorite… This isn’t my favorite track, but damn this dude has some nasty grooves.



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an Olympia-born psychedelic rock pop group known as New Slang

One response to “LZRS + the Return

  1. Hello,
    My name is Christopher. I am a working musician from Santa Cruz CA. I found your music thru my friend Khefri Azure and Camp Wisdom. I would like to invite New Slang to a community of artists and listeners who love and support free, independent music.
    I recently started a new project that involves all independent music artists. Similar to Pandora, Feed Bands ( is an online radio that only plays music without the labels or corporate influence. I would like to add your music to our independent radio. To do this, I need your permission and a few tracks in MP3 format.
    I also request any recommendations of artists you met or know of. The whole point of this project is to build a greater community of musicians, connect them to people that love the music and keep music independent and free. I love Olympia. My band Ancestree rocked the guest house. Unforgettable.
    My email is Look forward to hearing from you.
    530 748 9807

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