Welcome to “slanguages” folks! This lovely gathering of words is meant for public or private consumption–make your choice and stick with it! The contributors to this beautiful mess are as follows:

Liam Hindahl

this blonde beauty doesn’t have any self-control when it comes to his disgustingly awesome writing skills. or any self-control. look out ladies–he might even post a drawing or two.

Roy Johnson

what can be said about Roy that hasn’t already been said? not too much, but fortunately for you people the rumors are all true. sit back, have a drink, and get to know this succulent stud.

Travis Kirby

if you’ve ever gone to see a man about a horse, wallaby, or giraffe; then you’ve probably met Travis. a frequenter of many a bathroom stall, Travis puts the “cool” in “no-that’s-not-cool-man.”

Izzy Klein

ever wish you could be someone else? well Izzy sure as fuck never has. he’s too badass to wanna be anyone else–so don’t give him no lip and he won’t hesitate to show you his sexy side.

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