A different Machine...

A Replica of Babbage’s Difference Engine


Last Tuesday

Here is an extremely rough recording I made with my computer’s microphone while my roommates were asleep this morning. There are harmonies I didn’t do so I’ll probably rerecord this in higher quality, but I kind of like the simplicity and strange quality to it. Suppose I’ll just let it speak for itself.

And an amazingly powerful quote from our friend:

“If I am to be an artist at all, it will be on my own terms, because I know of no other means of becoming myself. I would not trust the images of one whose every moment was a compromise with life, whose work was not the fruit wrung from passion… Only upon actualizing my inner nature to the best of my ability, and distilling that nature into truer expressions, may I attain value in this world. My intellectual capability is but one aspect of my experience as an individual. I am not a person considered ‘practical’–and nor do I wish to be. What is of value in me is raw and abstract, translating into few languages of consequence to others. But there is that touch of the universal within me, as in everyone, and this is the source of hope that pulses under the skin of the moment. That I could share this heartbeat with everyone… I am not self-righteous, pretentious, or deluded enough to believe that the job of an artist is more important than any other. All I believe is that art is sometimes necessary to make life bearable, and to remind people in their loneliest moments, that others feel as deeply as they do, that we are all alone in this together, and should make it as beautiful for each other as it honestly can be… That I could share that heartbeat with everyone, to remind them of theirs.”

-M. Hisamoto

Time Passing…

Time passes and things change, but often all you can do is roll with the punches. Sometimes one catches you and you find yourself staring up at the lights above you wondering what happened: How did I get here? The truth is, it doesn’t really matter how you fell down, it’s how you are going to get up. Some fools rush in, some fools just wait. It’s time to get up. What do you say?


What up punkin

As we wait here in Olympia for Travis to return to the Great Grey North, we reminisce over the still recent Grand Adventure of the West Road. Remember those long summer drives with Chester, the Unflappable Chocolate Phoenix making his own road through the treachery of this unforgiving land? Those good ol’ times on the highway side? How bout ol’ Chip? Good ol’ Chippy? C’mon Chiip. How about the raging stadium blaster in Seattle at The Slab? Remember? WELL TATE PETERSEN DOES! Thanks to Tate we’ve got this groovy lil’ recording of our last song, Kicking Bird. I know, I know, it’s a bit difficult to hear the music over the crowd but if you sit back, close your eyes, and open up your soul you can be right there with us, middle fingers raised high in a magnificent ‘FUCK YOU’ to the Man. Enjoy

Bee Tee Dubs: Thanks for the punkin Mom!